In summer 1999, WP TelCom Company Limited was found in Thailand on October 27, 1999. Due to learn organization structure we are powerful enterprise which offers all possibilities to expand into new market and to acquire new customers. WP TelCom Company Limited is Dynamics Company with major advantage, ready to react on customer needs and requirements.

Year of experience in the field of Telecom, outstanding know-how of the market, technical expertise, strategic competence and management knowledge are the strengths of the participants of WP TelCom Company Limited.

Your need, specification and requirements define the fundamentals of our activities and are the measures for our proposals and solutions. Our objective is to establish a long term relationship with you, based on good partnership and trustworthy cooperation. The experienced terms of our employees offers you excellent support and help either per phone, fax, e-mail or during meeting at your site. Your telecom problem can be resolved by us!

As bandwidth continues to increase and data transmission Speed reaches unprecedented levels, WP TelCom’s electronic testing and measurement solutions address the need to keep every link in the technology chain operating at its peak.

From optimizing the largest networks to ensuring a consistent Power supply for the smallest data processing applications, We supply our customers with a complete range of test and Measurement equipment from globally trusted brands.

In fact, many of the products we supply are recoginized as Industry benchmark standard. We add value to these products by developing best practice management information, and service.

Focused on maximizing yield while minimizing costs, our sales and marketing team is fully conversant with the latest trends in R&D, production, QC\QA, installation and maintenance, well as network optimization.

Whether in consumer electronics, telecommunications, digital broadcasting, personal computers, automobile or industrial applications, WP TelCom is the partner of choice at the cutting-edge of wireless communication, IP, fiber optics, and digitalization of consumer and multimedia electronics.